AC6000M series – Coated grades for stainless steel


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AC6000M series - Coated grades for stainless steel



Grade for high speed and high efciency stainless steel turning by the combination of new CVD coating “Absotech®” and hard substrate with high wear resistance, has excellent wear,chipping or peeling resistance.


Grade for general stainless steel turning, 1st choice, by the improvement of strength of coating layer with new CVD coating “Absotech®” and adhesion resistance by smooth edge treatment, realizes much less damage of cutting edge, stable and long tool life.


Grade for interrupted cutting of stainless steel, by new PVD coating “Absotech®”, newly optimized composition of TiAlSiN multi-layer structure and exclusive carbide substrate with high peeling and chipping resistance improves greatly the stability of tool life even in unstable cutting.



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