Dụng cụ so vòng hiện số – 543


Mô tả


  • Similar in size to Series 2 dial indicators.
  • As compact as standard Series 2 dial indicators.
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD.
  • GO/±NG judgment can be performed by setting upper and lower tolerance limits. The judgment result (GO/±NG) can be displayed in full-size characters.
  • The positive/negative count resulting from the spindle’s up/down movement can be toggled.
  • Internal calculations using the simple formula of [F(x)=Ax)] are available
  • Employing the ABSOLUTE linear encoder, the ID-C always displays the spindle “Absolute Position” from the origin at power-on. Also unlimited response speed eliminates over-speed errors.
  • The ID-C indicator face can be rotated 330° to an appropriate angle for easy reading.
  • With SPC data output.





Order No Range Accuracy
543-782 0-12.7mm 0.01
543-390 0-12.7mm 0.001mm
543-390B 0-12.7mm 0.001mm
543-470B 0-25.4mm 0.001mm
543-471B 0-25.4mm 0.001mm
543-490B 0-50.8mm 0.001mm
543-491B 0-50.8mm 0.001mm
543-564E 0-60.9mm 0.001mm

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